XML Full form | What does xml stand for?

XML full form

Xml full form
XML full form
A new full form word XML file. It is also designing language.
XML Full form is an extensible markup language, it is also markup language to design web documents like HTML, but in which we can also store the information in formats.

* XML language is a case sensitive.
* XML can use all platform so it is also called platform-independent, and language independent, because all languages are supported.

* We save any XML file, must use the extension “.XML”
Ex- file.xml

* More useful Full  you can Read
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Useful Tags in XML

* Start tag
Example-  <Tag>
* End tag
Example-  </Tag>

* Empty tag
Example-  <hr />

* Note: You start any tags then you must end these tags like <Tag> </Tag>

Example of XML:

<?xml version = “1.0”?><contact-info> <name>Sanjay Kumar</name> <company>Fullformlabs</company> <phone>79033…96</phone></contact-info>

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History of XML

XML was discovered in 1998s. It was developed by W3C (world wide web consortium).

* The main person was Jon Bosak in the developament of XML language. The first version of XML was 1.0. And 1.1 version of XML was developed in 2004.

Features of XML
There are several different features of this markup language-

Uses of XML

Limitations of XML


The full form of XML is an extensible markup language.

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