WHO full form | what does WHO mean?

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WHO full form

WHO full form

The Full form of WHO means that world health organization. It is a very popular international organization in the health field.

What is WHO?

WHO is an international organization. It purposed to make for improvement in health. It works with countries, in which those who help some countries for funding. WHO is improving our health sector.

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Where is WHO?

This is located in Switzerland.
The headquarters of WHO in Geneva.
Geneva is the City of Switzerland, which is in Europe.
In this organization, 194 countries are together working 
More than 150 offices have opened all over the world.

How does WHO works?

There are several motives to works all over the world-

  • The main purpose of WHO is to provide a better future in health services all over the world.
  • It’s the main motive to make powerful and fit humans and to give funding to the government.
  • This is working all over the world.
  • To guide the research in the health field.
  • to improve the quality of food and medicine with the government of nations.

    Why the WHO is discovered?

    WHO was established on 7 April 1948 for developing health and fitness area.
    The first session of the meeting was held in India at 4 -5 Oct 1948 in the health ministry of India.

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