UPS full form | What does UPS stand for?

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UPS full form

What does UPS stand for?

The full form of UPS is the uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source.
It is a very useful electronic device.

What are UPS?

UPS is an electronic device that is used for the power supply when the light is cut. It means that ups are used for an alternative power source when we need power. Use is a regular power supply without any disturbance. The main work of ups is a regular power supply with the absence of the main power source.
The energy house of ups is the battery. The battery is charged by ups.

Parts of UPS

  • Rectifier 
  • Static Bypass(Charger)
  • Inverter
  • Battery

Types of UPS

  • Standby(SB)
  • Interactive (I)
  • Standby on-line hybrid(SBLH)
  • Standby-Ferro(SBF)
  • Double conversion on-line(DCL) 
  • Delta conversion on-line(DeCL)

Lose of ups

  • High expensive to Startup cost (If you need Standby ups then expensive to buy).
  • In Infrastructure (In this we need a very large battery).
  • To Maintenance (In this high expensive to maintenance).

Benefits of UPS

  • The maintenance of power, in the sometimes, needs a large amount of power then we use backup power.
  • Continuity of operation, in these ups, works continuous and supply power.
  • Emergency power source.
  • Control our computer.
  • Not any data lose when the computer suddenly shuts down than high chances of data loss.

Where is use USB?

  • Most of the UPS are used for power supply in the computers.
  • To charge any type of batteries.

Why need USB?

USB  is an electronic device to use for power supply. The main purpose to need a USB for power backup when sudden light is cut then it is useful. If you run a very important file on the computer then sudden power will cut then you will need power to run the computer, so we need USB. 


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