Unicef full form | what does unicef mean?

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Unicef full form

Unicef full form

The Full form of Unicef is United Nation International Children’s Funds. Unicef is an international organization for, especially poor and needy children.

What is Unicef?

Unicef is an organization for helping children. Unicef organization working for the welfare of children. Unicef does complain about waters, sanitation, and all disease for children all over the world.

How does Unicef work?

UNICEF works in different fields for children in the world.  Unicef and WHO  are working together in this field to protect our poor children. It searches poor children everywhere in the world and helps to help them.
There are different methods of helping like-

  • To provide basic right education.
  • For children’s development.
  • To protect HIV and AIDS.
  • Against child labor.
  • To provide child rights.
  • To against gender inequality.
  • Child protection against violence.
  • To against exploitation of a child.

History of Unicef

Unicef was discovered on 11 Dec  1946. The main point for discovering Unicef was to help children in health, nutrient, education field, and happiness. Headquarter of UNICEF is placed in New York City, America. Now the CEO of UNICEF is Ann Veneman.

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