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RPSC exam recruitment 2020 online | RPSC Exam pattern and syllabus of RPSC exam


Hello friends Namaskar, welcome to a fresh topic that is RPSC. In this post we will discuss various queries regarding to RPSC. Like what is RPSC exam, RPSC full form and Exam pattern of RPSC and Also share the syllabus of RPSC exam. So guys let’s get started-

History of RPSC-

RPSC was established on 16 August 1949. This was built according to  the article 315 of the Indian Constitution.

What is RPSC?

Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is the commission of the Government of Rajasthan. Which conducts various competitive examinations in the Rajasthan state.

 Selected candidates are appointed in RAS-Rajasthan Administrative Service, RPS-Rajasthan Police Service, RTS-Rajasthan Tehsildar Service and other departments.

The posts of one chairman and five others are approved in Rajasthan Public Service Commission. Whom the Governor appoints for 6 years. The oath is administered by the Chief Justice.

Official website of RPSC exam👇👇👍
RPSC- Rajasthan public service commission

So this was the details of RPSC- Rajasthan Public Service Commission. 

Now let us know how it selects candidates. RPSC Exam Process (Exam process for RPSC) If any one has to do a government job under the Rajasthan government, then they will have to go through the RPSC exam process.
Let’s get know

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RPSC full form and what does the RPSC stand for?


Condidate Should be a citizen of India.

Age Limit

1. The age for most of the posts is 18 to 35 but the RPSC selects candidates for many posts. Read the release for more information.

2. 5 years for reserved general male candidates and 10 years for other reserved male candidates.

3. There is no maximum age limit of 5 year for widow and divorced women on general reserved women/female candidates.

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Pattern of Examination 

This exam takes place in two stages, it is like this-

 1. Preliminary Examination (First Exam)
 2. Main Examination(Second Exam)

Preliminary Examination 

There is a paper of 200 marks in the preliminary examination.
There is a time of 3 hours, whose subjects are journal knowledge and journal science.

Main Examination 

There will be four papers in this written examination which will be descriptive and analytical.

Standard of General Hindi and General English will be of secondary level. Time will be 3 hours for each paper and each paper carries 200 marks and negative marking 1/3 in the evaluation.

1. General Studies – 1
2. General Studies – 2
3. General Studies – 3
4. General Hindi and General English.

Question from Rajasthan (RPSC)

1. Important historical events of the history of Rajasthan, major dynasties, their administrative and revenue system and social and cultural issues.

2. Freedom movement, public awareness and political integration.

3. Arts, paintings and handicrafts.

4. Major features of architecture Forts and monuments.

5. Rajasthani culture, tradition and heritage.

6. Important works of Rajasthani literature and regional dialects.

7. Religious Movements of Rajasthan, Saints and Folk Gods.

8. Malle, festivals, folk music and folk dances of Rajasthan.

9. Rajasthan Tourism

10. Prominent person of Rajasthan.

History of India Ancient and Medieval Indian History – RPSC

1. Major features and important events in the history of ancient and medieval India.

2. Art, culture, literature and architecture.

3. Major dynasties their administrative social and economic system, social and cultural issues and major movements.

4. Freedom struggle and contribution and Indian national movement and contribution.

5. Social and religious reforms in the 19th and 20th centuries

6. National integration and reorganization during the independence period.

World and Indian Geography – RPSC

1. Key Physical Features.

2. Environmental and Ecological Issues.

3. Wildlife and Biodiversity.

4. International Waterways

Major Indian Industrial Areas

1. Agriculture and agro-based activities.

2. Major Industries and Industrial Development.

3. Major physical features and major geophysical divisions.

4. Mineral Iron, Magazine, Coal, Mineral Oil & Gas and Molecular Minerals.

5. Environmental Problems and Ecological Issues.

6. Transport and main transport routes.

7. Natural Resources.

Geography of rajasthan

1. Major physical features and main geophysical divisions.

2. Natural Resources of Rajasthan.

3. Major irrigation projects.

4. Mines and Mineral Estates.

5. Climate, natural vegetation, forests, wildlife and biodiversity

6. Major industry and industrial development prospects.

7. Population

Current Events ( Current Affair) – RPSC

1. Important issues of international, national, Rajasthan state level importance.

2. People and places currently discussed.

3. Sports and Sports Activities.

Science and Technology – RPSC

1. Common Basic Elements of Science.

2. Electronics, computers and information and communication technology.

3. Satellite and Space Technology.

4. Defense Technology.

5. Nano Technology.

6. Human body, diet and nutrition and health care.

7. Biological diversity, biotechnology and genetic engineering.

8. Environmental and Ecological Change and Impact.

9. Agricultural Sciences, Horticulture Forestry and Animal Husbandry.

10. Science and Technology in Rajasthan.

Fundamental principles of economics 

1. Basic knowledge of budget formation, national income, public finance, banking, promotion and development.

2. Accounting concept, tools and use in administration.

3. Stock Market

4. Fiscal and Monetary Policies.

5. Subsidy and Public Distribution System

6. E-Commerce.

7. Inflation Concepts, Effects and Controls.

Economic development and planning 

1. Five Year Plan – Goals, Strategy and Achievements.

2. Major sectors of the economy – agriculture, industry, service and trade, current status and issues and initiatives.

3. Major economic problems and government initiatives, economic reforms and liberalization.

Human Resources and Economic Development 

1. Human Development Index.

2. Provision for social justice and official weaker sections.

3. Poor and unemployment concepts, types, causes, diagnosis and current schemes.

Economy of Rajasthan  (RPSC)

1. The larger landscape of the economy.

2. Major Issues of Agriculture, Industry and Services Sector.

3. Promotion, Development and Planning.

4. Major Development Projects.

5. Infrastructure and Resources.

6. Programs and Schemes – State welfare schemes for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes, Minorities, Women, Disabled, Children, Older Persons, Farmers, Disarmed and Workers.


Guys, how seems to this post about RPSC. In this we discussed very important RPSC exam pattern, RPSC full form, syllabus of RPSC exam and so on. If you read to enjoy this post and understood then it’s your turn to share with your friends and relatives.

Official website of RPSC exam👇👇👍
RPSC- Rajasthan public service commission

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