OK Full form | What does ok stands for?

What does ok stand for?

Hi friends, In this I am talking about “ok”. I think You must know to search one and more times about the full form of ok on google.
So, guys, I am explaining everything about the meaning of ok briefly.

OK full form
What is the full form of Ok

Full form of Ok-

There are two full forms of Ok in English dictionary

  • Olla Kalla
  • Oll Korrect

Ok is a very popular word in the whole of the world in different languages.
Ok is the second most useful word after “hello” word
Generally ok means All Correct, you don’t confuse about all correct because the latter start from A and C. In past English dictionary had written the wrong word “oll korrect”.
So ok is called oll korrect and olla Kalla.
Ok, related Okey that means good, all right, everything is ok and so on.
Olla Kalla is a Greek word that means everything is good.

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