INDIA full form | what does India stand for?

Full form of INDIA

Hey, guys, there is no such any abbreviation of INDIA, but let suppose the Full form of India is Independent National Democratic Intelligent Area.
  • D: Democratic
  • I: Intelligent
  • A: Area
  • I: Independent
  • N: National
India full form, full form of India in English

Facts of INDIA

India is an Asian large/strong country. India is a very large area country (the seventh large country in the sense of area). And according to the population, it has 1 billion thirty-five crore peoples are living in the present. Second large population country the world. The prime minister of India is Narendra Modi in present. India is the very large democratic nation in the world. Every country looking in the progression of India and want to deal. India is economically and socially very strong.

To know more about INDIA

  • India is also called Bharat, Hindustan. 
  • India has no national language, it has 1655 several languages are used for communication. There are 22 useful languages that are of regular users.
  • The most useful languages are Hindi and English, but Hindi is a very popular language.
  • The world’s largest road network is in India about 1.9 million miles.
  • The world’s first country to be founded diamond in 1986.
  • India is a young country because it has the most younger people (about 50%) under the age of 25 years. And about 65% of peoples are under 35 years.
  • SATRANJ is discovered in India, which is also called Chess. It is a very papular game in the world.
  • The most popular mathematics Zero discovered in India by famous mathematician Ramanujan.
  • World’s biggest film industry in India is called Bollywood, in this most movies are directed every year.
  • In this country, all religions of peoples are living. The most famous religion is Hindu about more than 50 % of peoples.
  • The most papular religious place in India is Varanasi. And the biggest temple is also in India, that is Brihadesshwar Temple, in which the statue of LORD SHIVA. 
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