How to download electronic PAN card? Apply e PAN Card free .

Who are eligible to download an electronic pan card? Please be noted-

The applicant should be:
  • An Indian citizen.
  • Citizen Individual taxpayers.
  • Should not a PAN.
  • Citizen Must have an Aadhar card.
  • Citizen Must have an active verified mobile number which should be already linked with your Aadhar.
  • An Aadhar card must be updated and have right details.

    Details mentioned on the e-PAN card

    • Permanent Account Number
    • Name of applicant
    • Father’s Name
    • Date of Birth of applicant
    • Gender confirmation
    • Photograph 
    • Signature and, 
    • QR Code of PAN Card.

    New PAN card applicants

    • If you are applying for a PAN card right now, then you will get an e-PAN card automatically and immediately in your registered email. 

    • For this facility you doesn’t any cost of money and if you want then, you have to do is to pay the amount for the physical PAN is Rs.107.

    • And those the applicants who are applied for PAN in last days ago. You can get it free from the official site “NSDL”.

    There are ways to download e PAN Card

    1.) What the Steps to download electronic PAN card using of acknowledge number

    visit NSDL👉👉 official site

    You can fill the acknowledgment number and the Generate OTP(one time password)

    You fill the generated one time password then click for next

    How to download electronic PAN card free

    • Then Your electronic PAN card is ready to save in the form of pdf.
    How to download electronic PAN card free

    2.) Download electronic PAN card using your PAN and date of birth

    visit NSDL👉👉 official site

    You can enter your complete details like

    • Enter date of birth,
    • PAN Card number
    • CAPTCHA code
    • Finally submit the form
    • And download your e-PAN in pdf form.

    How to download electronic PAN card free

    3) Download instant e-PAN for free

    This is only applicable for new citizen who never applied for the PAN Card before:
    How to download electronic PAN card free

    • Then you can see the option of e- PAN INSTANT APPLY.

    • you can click the “Apply instant e-PAN”

    How to download electronic PAN card free

    • # After click, you will need to enter all the required details in options.

    • # After next will generate an OTP in your adhaar resistered mobile number.

    • # Then will generate an acknowledgment number which will be sent to registered mobile number, email ID and machine.

    • # Once the e-PAN apply is completed, you will get notified.

    • Finally, you can download the e-PAN within ten to fifteen minutes from same portal.


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