GPS full form | what does GPS stand for?

GPS Full form 

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GPS full form
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Full form of GPS

The full form of GPS is a global positioning system. It is a world wild location positioning system, it deals with a location.

History of GPS

Gps is first made by the USA in the 1960s to use military assistance and to find the exact location of soldiers. 
Now GPS navigation is using globally for finding the exact location. It is a very popular navigation system in the world.
It works regularly 24 hours daily, it is a satellite that moves on orbit 24 hours.

Parts of Gps-

It has different types of segment
  • Space segment
  • Control segment
  • User segment

Uses of GPS-

  • It calculates the accuracy position/location.
  • To find a moving person one place to another place.
  • To search for an exact location and timing where it is?
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