GDP full form | what does GDP mean?

GDP full form

The Full form of GDP means that Gross Domestic Product. GDP is very useful for any country of health (development of economy).

GDP full form

What does GDP mean?

GDP is a total economic market value of all goods and services that come in limited time periods within a country.
GDP indicates the health information of the economy of any country.
I am living in India, now the GDP of India is a 5.8% growth rate in 2019.
Every country has own GDP growth rate. It is calculated every single year and to find the economic growth rate data.

How does it calculate?

There are different areas of information to calculate the GDP.
The areas are personal consumption public consumption, public investment and private investment, export and import region and government investment sector.

To find Gross Domestic Product thanπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

GDP equal to [{ C(PC)+ I + G + ( X – M )}]

GDP – Gross Domestic Product
C – Private consumption
I – Gross investment
G – government investment
( X- M ) – export minus import

GDP full form

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