Full form of BPL | what does bpl stand for?

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Full form of BPL

Full form of BPL

Full Form of BPL

Full Form of BPL in India is Below Poverty Line, BPL is a very good scheme for Indian citizen who comes under the BPL.

Full form of BPL
Full form of BPL

What is BPL?

Below Poverty Line is made by the Indian Government to measure the information of the very poor who are economically backward, weaker citizens come under which the government schemes for their support by recognising the citizens living below a poverty line. 
Foods Under the BPL schemes, these citizens provide home, food and other living things at a very low price.
And also Below Poverty Line ration cards are provided to these families for getting various types of things from the Indian Government.

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PEOPLE ALSO ASK about BPL in India

What is the full form of BPL and APL?
BPL means that is below the poverty line and similarly the Full form of APL is Above Poverty Line.

What BPL means?
It means that is a Indian government scheme for very poor people. In which people are categorised as BPL (below poverty line) and APL (above poverty line).

Who comes under BPL?
Generally, In this under poor people, and whose annual income does satisfy the criteria of BPL. And who are belonging to economic backward and weaker citizen.

Who is eligible for BPL card?
In this eligible person are

  1. Poor people.
  2. Annual income does satisfy the poverty line scheme.
  3. Economically backward and weaker people.

Who is BPL in India?
It is a government scheme  of India, In which govern helps poor people as foods, clothings, housing, and as medical health facilities.

What is the Color of BPL card?
Yellow color ration card does provides only BPL households.

What is the income limit for BPl card?
According to Indian government the rular areas of people will earn money 28Rs per day and urban areas of people will earn money 34Rs per day.

What is AAY card?
AAY means that is a government scheme of India. The Full form of AAY is Antyodaya Aann Yojana. It was established 18 years ago in December 2000 by formar prime minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji. It is also called PDS yellow card.

What is white ration card?
White ration card is a scheme of Andhra Pradesh state. In this state launched two types of card 

  1. White Ration Card
  2. Pink Ration Card

White ration card In this people are categorised into poverty line.

What is the income limit for white ration card?
The income limit for white ration card is 1 lakh and more than 1 lakh. If you are elligible then go in this link πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‡


What is the Color of APL ration card?
The color of APL card can be different colors, But mainly I saw  yellow and green.

What are the benefits of BPL ration card?
If you are a economically backward people then you can get lots of benefits through government like can take food every montha, can take clothes, sugar and medical facilities, And also loan are approved easily.


The full form of BPL is below the poverty line. And this is a government scheme for poor people of India and the government helps them.

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